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SMC is a high-strength glass fibre reinforced thermoset, moulding material that is normally compression moulded using heated mould tools under high pressure on a large press. Sheet moulding compound (SMC) or sheet moulding composite is a ready to mould glass-fibre reinforced polyester material primarily used in compression moulding. Alternatively, the resin and related materials may be mixed on-site when a producer wants greater control over the chemistry and filler.

The manufacture of SMC is a continuous in-line process. The material is sheathed both top and bottom with a polyethylene or nylon plastic film to prevent auto-adhesion. The liquid material is spread uniformly onto the bottom film. Chopped glass fibres are deposited onto the mixture, the top film is introduced and the sandwich is rolled into a pre-determined thickness. The longer fibers in SMC result in better strength properties than standard bulk moulding compound (BMC) products. Also, we provide long and continuous fiber or woven roving for extra reinforcement. The formed SMC material is allowed to mature for 48 hours.

Once mature the material can be used for manufacture where it is placed as to cut layers into the preheated moulds and compressed at a set tonnage and time suitable for the size and load rating of the product.

Sheet molding compounds can be moulded into complex shapes. Superior mechanical properties and surface appearance, plus excellent electrical insulation make this thermoset material ideal for automotive Class A body panels, high-strength electrical parts, business equipment cabinets, personal watercraft, and various structural components.

Features and Benefits of SMC Compound

Chemical Resistance
SMC material has high mechanical strength, low shrink, low density, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance.
Performance in extreme temperatures
SMC product are used in installations across the globe in both cold and hot environments without effecting the performance of the product. SMC has a low thermal expansion coefficient so is unaffected by temperature changes.
Excellent antistatic properties allows safe use in potentially hazard environments such as Fuel Stations and Chemical Plants.

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